We check the printing document in our graphic department before entering the printing process. In case of need, we provide additional controls with an output of up to 90% of the chromoline output. After receiving approval from our customers, we start the printing process.


We manage the printing process perfectly with our printing craftsmen working in our advanced technology park developed by KOMORİ. With our Prinect Image Control system, which maintains control over the entire process, we provide a perfect color result.


Printing can be everyone’s business,

but it is just our job to direct you to the right solutions and always to direct you to the best.

– Total 3000 m2 closed area
– 5 Colors / 4 Colors / 2 Colors / 1 Color Printing Machines
– CTP Molding Machine and  Assembly Equipment
– Automatic Blending Machines – Skin and Mucellithane
– Packaging and Service